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Enabling a more sustainable mobility

Biomethane is a renewable energy source obtained from agricultural and agro-industrial biomass and from the organic fraction of solid urban waste. The production of biomethane occurs in two phases: production of raw biogas - mainly through the anaerobic digestion of biomass - and subsequent removal (upgrading) of the components not compatible with injection into the network (CO2).

The biomethane produced from agricultural and agro-industrial biomass and from the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (FORSU) does not produce CO2 emissions and becomes Carbon Negative thanks to technologies for the collection and storage of CO2. The compression solutions offered by Cubogas in this field are designed to allow the introduction of biomethane into the network or to enable the "virtual pipeline" service.

These are some of our distinctive features:

  • heavy-duty solution designed to API 618 standards

  • maximum standardization across the entire range to minimize the safety stock of components and spare parts

  • speed below 800 rpm for greater reliability

  • double outlet (gas injection + 250 bar for virtual gas pipeline)

Cubogas benefits

The CUBOGAS compression system stands out on the market for a series of technical advantages that make its use the winning choice:

  • Expertise: Worldwide customer support to find the best solutions
  • Innovation: Teams of experienced engineers to develop and produce innovative technologies for natural gas compressors
  • Customisation: Tailor-made solutions for every customer requirement
  • One-stop shop: A comprehensive offer of compressors and components for all applications


"plug & fill" solutions

The Cubogas and Fuel Maker product range includes all the components needed to set up a complete natural gas filling station, as well as solutions for private or company refuelling of natural gas and biomethane vehicles, and in the near future also hydrogen vehicles.


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