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An integrated support,
from design to testing.

With the aim of ensuring a customer experience characterised by high levels of service, technical assistance and support, Cubogas has developed an organisational structure capable of guiding the customer through all the project phases for the construction of a natural gas, biomethane and hydrogen compression plant - from design to final testing, installation and start-up.

Cubogas also relies on the support of qualified partners, specialised in natural gas systems and with years of experience with its products, and is able to guarantee ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with original spare parts, as well as efficient emergency management throughout the country. Based on its solid experience, Cubogas has developed flexible contractual formulas in line with the needs of its customers, in order to ensure an effective and timely maintenance service.

Cubogas services


Design of compression plants for natural gas such as biomethane and hydrogen, preparation of station layouts, positioning of components and accessories with reference to current legislation


Research and development, design, engineering and production of compressors according to project specifications, performance verification on test bench


Compression module, skid and/or enclosure assembly, no-load operation tests and functional verification


Testing with design gas in real operating conditions, testing for CE, ATEX, PED and international certifications

Gas piping

Design and manufacture of gas piping, pressure testing and X-rays

Metering and filtering cabinets

Design and construction of filtering and metric metering cabinets with approval and certification by the relevant authority


Transport, unloading, positioning with levelling on reinforced concrete slab and grouting

Installation and testing

Installation of supplied components and related connections by expert technicians, functional checks and technical support for obtaining authorisations

Cubogas Costumer Service

Options available to meet all customer requirements:

  • Extended product warranty
  • Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance
  • Full Service
  • Guaranteed intervention on time
  • Remote assistance and support by expert technicians
  • Original spare parts
  • Conversions, modifications and upgrades
  • Online Field Service Management platform for real-time optimisation and monitoring of service status

Cubogas Smart

Cubogas SMART is a platform that enables constant supervision and remote control of Cubogas systems. The new interactive system offers:

Remote assistance

provides technical staff with online access to the compressor control system, diagnoses any faults, optimises the system’s operating parameters and organises on-site servicing in the best possible way

Remote supervision

available to both the customer and Cubogas Service, it allows to access all data of the compressor system: pressures, temperatures, output capacities. In the event of a Cubogas SMART alarm, the causes of the problem can be identified remotely

Sales monitoring

Cubogas SMART can also be connected to the Dispenser gas flow meter to monitor station sales in real time

Rent your van with Fuel Maker and AmicoBlu

Now you can rent professional vehicles powered by CNG (compressed natural gas) and Bio-CNG for last mile deliveries.

Combining AmicoBlu van rentals with the convenience of Fuel Maker, you will get autonomy in refuelling your vehicles and 24/7 fuel availability. In case of corporate rentals, with the direct installation of the Fuel Maker at your premises you can benefit from lower fuel costs, saving also the time related to reaching the service stations. The first AmicoBlu CNG and Bio-CNG vans are already on the road.

B2B Portal

Cubogas is the only company in the sector to have an e-commerce platform for purchasing original spare parts and managing maintenance work, all integrated with the Field Service Management (FSM) platform.

This platform makes it easy for customers to select, monitor and manage their requests in real time.


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